Password Update & Recovery Options

To help students, faculty, and staff understand how to update your password recovery options


Step 1: Go to the ctcLink Login page and log in. (Enter your ctcLink ID and password)

Step 2: Once the Account Portal page displays, select the Password Settings application icon.

Step 3: Select the green Edit Profile button in the upper right of the page.

Step 4: The Please verify your password pop up notification displays. Enter your password into the Password field and select the Verify button.

Step 5: Next, you will be prompted for additional verification. Select any verification method that was set up during your account creation.

  • To select a different method, use the dropdown menu arrow to the right of the center icon toward the top center of the window.

Step 6: Select the particular authentication factor you wish the system to use to send your unique code.

Step 7: Enter the appropriate information requested on the page. Select the Send code button.

Step 8: Once you receive the text code, enter it into the Enter Code field and select the Verify button.

Step 9: The Account page displays again with Edit options available for each account section.

Further Reading:

Request Service

To request service with updating your password recovery options please fill out a ticket here and select Signing into ctcLink 


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