How to Submit a Ticket

To help students, staff, faculty, and the public understand how to submit tickets within Team Dynamix (TDX)


Step 1: Go to the Sign In page and log in


Step 2:  Click on Services in the top ribbon of our Service Catalog. Or you can use Services A-Z which will show you all services that CPTC currently has available.  

Step 3: From the Service Catalog, you will select the categories you are interested in until you find the specific service you desire. 

Step 4: Select the service that you want.

Step 5: You will be taken to the Service page where a brief description of the service is available along with related articles, and contact information. 

Step 6: Click on the purple request button at the top right corner. The name of these buttons varies by service but will indicate help or a request and includes: 

Step 7: The button will open up a form that will ask for all relevant information needed to complete your request. Please complete all required fields. 

Step 8: When finished filling out the form, click on the purple request button to submit your ticket. You will receive an email notification from Team Dynamix with information from your ticket and links to view your ticket as it is in process. 

Step 9: You will receive confirmation that your ticket has been created. Here you can create another similar request, view the ticket you just created or view all of your open tickets. 


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