Add Myself to a Class Waitlist

To help students understand how to navigate in ctcLink and add themself to a class waitlist in ctcLink. 


Step 1: Go to the ctcLink Login page and log in. (Enter your ctcLink ID and password)

Step 2:  Click Student Homepage and select Manage Classes

Step 3:  Select Term and Institution (Clover Park Technical College)

Step 4:  Use course name or keyword to search for classes

Step 5:  Select the desired course to enroll

Step 6: Check Course for Waitlist (The class status will indicate if there’s a waitlist. If you want to be added to the waitlist, click on the class)

Step 7: Review Class Selection

            a. Review Class Selection

            b. Review Class Preferences - Make sure to toggle to “yes” to be added to the waitlist. Click “Accept” when done.

            c. Enroll or Add to Cart - If you want to add this to your waitlist you would select add to cart

            d. Review and click "Submit" 

Further Reading:

Request Service

To request service with adding classes to waitlists please fill out a ticket here: ctcLink Help for Students  


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